Appointment reminders via text message!

If you would like to use this new service please do the following;

  1. Make sure we have your current cell phone number on file
  2. Create a message on your cell phone:

           TO:  622622

           Message:  Springhill

     After sending this message you will get a return text welcoming you to alerts from

     Springhill Medical Group


After you sign up for this service, you will only get text message appointment reminders from Springhill and no longer get phone calls.   When you get your text message, it will give you the option to type in and return a message – YES if you will keep the appointment and NO – if you want to cancel the appointment.


 You may be charged for text messages if you exceed your purchased limit, unless you have a unlimited text message plan. Check you text message phone coverage before signing up for this plan.



You can stop the service at anytime by sending a new message to 622622 and typing the word STOP into the message screen and sending it.

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