Appointment reminders via text message!

If you would like to use this new service please do the following;

  1. Make sure we have your current cell phone number on file
  2. Create a message on your cell phone:

           TO:  622622

           Message:  Springhill

     After sending this message you will get a return text welcoming you to alerts from

     Springhill Medical Group


After you sign up for this service, you will only get text message appointment reminders from Springhill and no longer get phone calls.   When you get your text message, it will give you the option to type in and return a message – YES if you will keep the appointment and NO – if you want to cancel the appointment.


 You may be charged for text messages if you exceed your purchased limit, unless you have a unlimited text message plan. Check you text message phone coverage before signing up for this plan.



You can stop the service at anytime by sending a new message to 622622 and typing the word STOP into the message screen and sending it.

Medication Refill Policy

Medication Prescription refills :

We discourage verbal requests for medical refills.  To ensure that our physicians are prescribing the correct drug and dosage we need an electronic or fax request from your pharmacy.

The best way to obtain a prescription refill in a timely fashion to use one of the following methods:

Ask you pharmacy to send an Electronic refill request to your physician   – this is fastest way to obtain a prescription refill.

If your pharmacy cannot send electronic prescriptions refills then ask them to fax a written request to us at (925) 432-0886.

Sign up for our Patient Portal and request ALL of prescription refills on line. 

Remember these rules also apply:

Physicians will not refill medication if you have not been seen in the office in the past 6 months.

Allow 3 business days to obtain a refill – plan ahead and don’t wait until you run out.

Controlled Substances: Pain medication, sleeping meds, anti-anxiety medications are controlled substances and require special handling.  Pain medication  can only be written for 30 days AND you must have a visit to your doctor at least once every 90 days. If you loose your pain medication or it is stolen, we cannot refill the pain med earlier than 30 days.

Patient Portal Information

Patient Portal :

Sign up for our patient portal so that you can access your medical record 24/7 – including lab results from labcorp or Quest. Give our office staff your email address and ask them to send you an invitation to join the portal  You will receive an email with instructions about how to sign up for the portal. Use the portal to:

Request medication refills

Request appointments

Send email messages to your doctor

Get email reminders about upcoming appointments.

AVOID waiting on hold when calling our office  – use the portal and send a message with  your questions or send information to your doctor.  The portal is not for urgent or emergency issues.

new help line for patients – call 1 (888) 670-9775 for help  for the portal technical support

Preventative Health Exam

For Medicare patients and patients enrolled in Medicare Senior HMO plans, annual physical exam are now covered.  You do not have to pay a copay, deductible or co-insurance for annual physical exams.  The primary care physicians at Springhill Medical Group encourage all of their patients to schedule a  Physical Exam once a year.  We will schedule extra time during this visit to review your medications, chronic medical problems and time for you to discuss issues with your doctor.  Medicare patients will also be asked to complete a health screening questionnaire to help determine if you are in need of additional tests or services.   Please call our office to schedule your Annual Physical Exam and make sure and tell our staff you want to schedule a physical exam and not just a routine office appointment so that we can schedule the right amount of time for your visit.

The new Affordable health Care law also requires that health plans for younger adults and children cover Preventative Exams without deductible, copay or coinsurance.  As you renew your health plan or enroll in a new plan in 2014 take advantage of this new benefit and schedule a Preventative Health Exam (Physical Exam) with your primary care physician once a year.