Preventative Health Exam

For Medicare patients and patients enrolled in Medicare Senior HMO plans, annual physical exam are now covered.  You do not have to pay a copay, deductible or co-insurance for annual physical exams.  The primary care physicians at Springhill Medical Group encourage all of their patients to schedule a  Physical Exam once a year.  We will schedule extra time during this visit to review your medications, chronic medical problems and time for you to discuss issues with your doctor.  Medicare patients will also be asked to complete a health screening questionnaire to help determine if you are in need of additional tests or services.   Please call our office to schedule your Annual Physical Exam and make sure and tell our staff you want to schedule a physical exam and not just a routine office appointment so that we can schedule the right amount of time for your visit.

The new Affordable health Care law also requires that health plans for younger adults and children cover Preventative Exams without deductible, copay or coinsurance.  As you renew your health plan or enroll in a new plan in 2014 take advantage of this new benefit and schedule a Preventative Health Exam (Physical Exam) with your primary care physician once a year.

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